Who we are

Officially established in 1989, the Galveston Bay Estuary Program is one of two estuary programs in Texas.  We are also one of 28 National Estuary Programs (NEPs) in the United States. As a non-regulatory program administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, we are charged with implementing The Galveston Bay Plan — a Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for Galveston Bay.  Our office is located in Houston, Texas.  The program staff members oversee The Plan’s implementation.

Since many agencies and organizations are concerned with managing the resources of Galveston Bay, coordinating a broad range of issues among them is necessary. Our program is committed to forging diverse and vital partnerships with these organizations. We strive to effectively work with local governments, businesses, ports, commercial fisheries, recreational anglers, environmental organizations, and state and federal natural resource agencies.

Our Mission

To preserve Galveston Bay for generations to come.

Our Purpose

To provide comprehensive ecosystem management through collaborative partnerships and to ensure preservation of the bay’s multiple uses.

Our Goals:

  • Judiciously acquire, manage, and disburse funds to implement specific actions in The Plan;
  • Provide for coordination and communication among state and federal resource agencies for the many cross jurisdictional issues;
  • Coordinate, monitor, and track implementation activities of The Plan’s partners;
  • Identify and communicate bay improvements to agencies, stakeholders, and the public;
  • Conduct public outreach and education to increase awareness of Galveston Bay;
  • Maintain stakeholder involvement in the decision making process through the Galveston Bay Council, a 41 member advisory committee for The Plan’s implementation.