Staff profile

Galveston Bay Estuary Program Staff

Sarah P. Bernhardt, Ph.D.

Program Manager

Responsible for overall implementation of The Galveston Bay Plan, including:

  • Securing and managing funds to support operations, staff, and projects
  • Fostering stakeholder involvement to facilitate Plan implementation
  • Managing program staff and operations to ensure efficient use of resources
  • Representing GBEP on national, state, and local boards and committees and at national and state conferences/events to garner federal and state support

(281) 486-1240

Lindsey Lippert

Natural Resource Uses Coordinator

Action Plan Responsibility:

  • Habitat Protection
  • Species Population Protection
  • Freshwater Inflow & Circulation
  • Spills & Dumping
  • Shoreline Management

(281) 486-1243

Bryan Eastham

Technical Programs and Quality Control Coordinator

  • Contracts specialist for the Estuary Program
  • Federal grants manager for the Estuary Program
  • Quality assurance coordinator for the Estuary Program
  • Technical, grant, and research for estuary programs

(281) 486-1246

Cynthia Clevenger

Community Relations Specialist / Public Participation and Education Coordinator

Action Plan Responsibility:

  • Public Awareness and Education
  • Back the Bay campaign
  • Facilitate public involvement in Bay policy and management
  • Increase education and outreach
  • Expand and sustain local government involvement and support
  • Assure effective communication with and outreach to specific by user groups

(281) 486-1245

Mary Stiles

Public Participation & Education Assistant

  • Point of contact for education outreach events, presentations and exhibits

(281) 486-1241

Doretta G. Thomas

Administrative Assistant & Travel Coordinator

(281) 486-1247

Lisa M. Marshall

Monitoring & Research and Water & Sediment Quality Coordinator

 Action Plan Responsibility:

  • Regional Monitoring Program
  • Research Action Plan
  • Water & Sediment Quality
  • Non-Point Sources of Pollution
  • Point Sources of Pollution
  • Public Health Protection
  • Spills/Dumping

(281) 486-1244

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Kelly Holligan

Director, Water Quality Planning Division Office of Water

Nancy Parra

Council Chair

League of Women Voters

Helen Paige

Council Vice-Chair