Our accomplishments

The Estuary Program partners made notable achievements in improving water quality, restoring wetlands, protecting unique habitats, and educating the public. Since 2000, the Estuary Program and its partners created, protected, and enhanced 21,150 acres of important coastal habitats, leveraging approximately $80 million in local, industry, state, and federal contributions.

The Estuary Program receives approximately $1.6 million on average in base funding (state and federal). Base funds support program operations, which are essential to carrying out program management functions. Base funding also serves as seed funds to execute specific projects that implement the Galveston Bay Plan. Additional grants, partnership contributions, and in-kind services are also garnered to support specific projects to implement The Plan. These projects are typically conceived and developed by the subcommittees with technical support and assistance from staff, approved by the Council, outlined in the annual work plan, and executed through contracts with partners. Staff is actively engaged in development and management of projects from start to finish.