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You are more connected to Galveston Bay than you think! As a citizen of the Galveston Bay area, you enjoy many of the benefits the estuary has to offer— from supporting the local economy to providing recreation and quality of life. At the same time, your daily activities impact the bay. If you live in the Houston-Galveston area, you also most likely live in the Galveston Bay Watershed, so what you do on land potentially affects the bay and its inhabitants.

You can help Galveston Bay by learning more about the estuary and its environmental challenges and becoming involved in its protection!

Take action at home to protect the bay:

    • Reduce water consumption by utilizing native plants and appropriate landscapes and in-home water conserving measures. This also helps minimize the amount of fertilizers and pesticides needed.
    • Recycle and minimize household waste to help reduce the amount of habitat lost to dumps and landfills.
    • Reuse items around your home by using a product or item in its original form more than once. Use a mug instead of using a disposable cup, cloth grocery bags, donate old clothes and miscellaneous items to a shelter or charity instead of throwing them away.

Volunteer to protect the bay:

    • Attend trash pickups or wetland plantings in your community
    • Develop environmental projects for your neighborhood.
    • Serve on local parks and planning boards.
    • Volunteer with local organizations.

Get out and enjoy the bay!

    • Drive and Discover Galveston Bay – A guide to take you around the bay. The Galveston Bay Drive & Discover guide is an important education and outreach resource aimed at increasing awareness and appreciation of Galveston Bay resources. The guide serves to introduce area residents and visitors to the cultural, historical, and environmental significance of the bay to this region. The guide is divided into seven sections, or regions (approximating watersheds), and it features 58 sites with a brief description and driving directions. Each section of the guide contains a map.(Link)
    • Visit a Galveston Bay Estuary nature center, nature preserve, State park or wildlife refuge.
    • Go to a nature festival.


The TCEQ also has a statewide campaign—Take Care of Texas. Take Care of Texas provides helpful information on Texas’ successes in environmental protection and encourages all Texans to help keep our air and water clean, conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and save money in the process. Take Care of Texas offers an interactive website , a monthly electronic newsletter, publications, educational materials for kids, radio and TV public service announcements, social media sites, and more


Every year, the Estuary Program partners with the Houston-Galveston Area Council to convene Trash Bash, a successful volunteer-based litter cleanup event that has been held at multiple sites in the Houston-Galveston region on an annual basis since 1994. The mission of Trash Bash is to “promote environmental stewardship of our watershed through public education by utilizing hands-on educational tools and by developing partnerships between environmental, government, and private organizations.” Trash Bash has 17 cleanup sites that vary throughout the Houston-Galveston area.

For more information on Trash Bash.

The Galveston Bay Foundation’s Marsh Mania eventis a hands-on restoration event held yearly since 1999 at several sites around Galveston Bay. The goal of Marsh Mania is to involve local citizens in hands-on wetlands restoration activities while increasing their awareness and appreciation of wetland habitats and functions.


For more information on Marsh Mania.

Each year, the Estuary Program participates in Bay Day, the largest one-day eventwhere you can learn and experienceand learn more about Galveston Bay. It includes hands-on, interactive exhibits, activities and demonstrations that emphasize the beauty and value of our Bay.


For more information on Bay Day.

The Estuary Program developed an education campaign called Back the Bay. The public awareness campaign was designed as a fun and interactive way for residents to learn about the benefits of, and their connection to the region’s most valuable natural resource. The campaign features conservation tips for residents that help improve the environmental quality of Galveston Bay. Addressing environmental quality focuses on three issue areas to encourage behavior change: habitat preservation, water conservation and water quality.


For more information on Back the Bay.

The Estuary Program conducts presentations and exhibits at events for local governments, bay user groups, civic groups, non-profits, and other community based groups.

UH wetland planting

Check out these links for kids and educators!