Back the Bay


What is the Back the Bay?

Back the Bay is an education campaign designed to engage citizens in the Houston-Galveston region in lifestyle and habit changes that will help improve water quality, conserve water, and protect critical fish and wildlife habitat.  In addition, it seeks to involve local governments and business and industry in voluntary natural resource conservation measures that build community resilience.

Back the Bay raises regional awareness and value of Galveston Bay, and promotes environmentally-conscious actions—those that help preserve habitat, conserve water, and improve water quality. The campaign offers a fun and interactive way for residents to learn about the benefits of, and their connection to, our region’s most valuable natural resource. The campaign also features conservation tips residents can partake to help the Bay.

Why are we doing the campaign?

In 2005, Galveston Bay stakeholders—including Galveston Bay Council members—identified the lack of public awareness as one of the greatest challenges facing the Bay’s future health. Addressing this challenge was identified as a very high priority in the Galveston Bay Strategic Action Plan (2005-2015).  The Galveston Bay Estuary Program created a public stewardship campaign to help address this priority.

The campaign is being used to help residents understand their connection to Galveston Bay and provide tips on how they can preserve the Bay.  The campaign seeks to build stewardship and engage the public in its conservation.

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